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Tulip Mania Exhibtion

The Tulip Mania exhibition at Forge Mill is nearly at its end - so for those who couldn't get there, I've done a little video: click the link below

I've also added a lot of the work to the Tulip Mania gallery on the website: link below

Some of the work behind glass was impossible to photograph on site, so I'll add those when they get home

Its been a great exhibition and I'm delighted that 6 pieces are going off to new homes when it finishes. For an artists, that's just the best feeling

The eagle eyed among you may have spotted that not all the pieces I talked about have actually got made for this exhibition? This idea has yet to make its way into canvas, anbd many more.

So this is not the last outing for the work. The remaining pieces, plus a lot of new ones will be travelling to new venues: The NEC next spring and then on to the Minerva Arts Centre in May. creating a solo exhibition is a lot of work, so its always nice if I can show it in several venues. And it will be new work in each one, so you could even visit twice!!

In May at Minerva, the Make it Personal post year 2 members, will be showing their first exhibition in the gallery next to me - perfect timing!! I'm going to do a video to tell you about that - I'll post the link as soon as that's done

Now - I'm heading into the lovely sunshine, to walk the boys - assuming I can wake them up !! Talk soon xx

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Lovely exhibition Hilary! It's so inspiring to see so many finished pieces that I recognise from their creation. I also really like the collection of such colourful and cheerful work, it must be really uplifting to see it all together in such a wonderful venue.

Replying to

Thanks Lynda - I've loved this theme, and hoped lots of you would enjoy seeing pieces you had seen me start off. I feel it makes the teaching more real as well ... I'm rarely just making samples with you! xxx

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