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Hello - I know .. its been too long. But I have a plan ... more of which in a moment. Firstly I want to show you this ....

This was the garden just a coupe of weeks ago ... the first day it actually felt like spring in the UK!! And it makes me feel sooo proud, as its 100% my creation - from nothing, and done with my own hands (and knees and back!) . Well not the huge trees in the back ground - but all the rest. Seeing a tree you planted grow to 10ft above your head is such a feeling of creation. And hanging wind chimes and bird baths in them - its just magical.

This area looked like this just 6 years ago - you can see the wall for reference. The old breeze blocked base has gone and it's now where the greenhouse is. I'd just planted these two acers. The golden one is the huge tree you can see in the first image, - and I need to cut thing back to let the red one have some space ... it was much slower growing than I realised!!

So next year, I am planning on teaching a workshop here at the studio, called 'The Healing Garden' and we will use my garden as inspiration (and a place to sit and work when the weather is nice.

I'm so bad at getting time to write blog posts, and its never that I haven't got anything to share. I've always got loads - I just run out of time. So at 2am the other night I had a cunning plan .... video updates. I so so muchvia video its easy and quick for me, and I can share much more, much faster.

So let's test the system:

Click on the link and you should get a short video telling you about my idea ...

All paws crossed here that that works. And sorry I got mixed up at the end - but I did sort it out .. so here is video 2 ... a garden update and about the course I'm planning

Its looking hopeful here. So Im going to publish this, and see how we've got on.

Next time I'll tell you about the workshop at Llanidloes recently, and some screen printing - of these gorgeus poppies

Talk soon - Hilary xx

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Jacqueline Goffin
Jacqueline Goffin

What a transformation in the garden so yummy !

Loved seeing Gill's work in the studio and so appropriate :) Lots of love Jackie


I loved so much of Gills work, it was hard to choose. But I remember her making these and we talked about what a great workshop they would be for her to teach. And the words are perfect for the studio. Keeps some of her with me in there (as well as the paint on the walls!!) xxx


Lynda Herd
Lynda Herd

Lovely to see how the garden has grown since my last visit Hilary, its a shame I am so far away that a regular in person class wouldn't work for me but I am sure you will get a great uptake and I will just have to be grateful that I can work with you online


It's a few years since you were here Lynda - gardens are so interesting to see as they develop. And I will be an online version of the healing garden as well xxx

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