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Become a Gelli Master!!

Hello - this is (as always) very last minute - but I think my life is just destined to be like that - a needs basis, rather than planned ahead!! So - the last run out of the Gelli Plate printing workshop stats this week (well today!) and I just wanted to get a newsletter/blog out to tell you a little about what we do, and to make sure I haven't missed anyone. The course has run twice now, so I have some great images to share

I'm extending the enrolment for 1 week, as I'm only just getting this mail out. You get two years to do the course, so you wont miss out at all

These lovely prints were part of the sessions using stamps and lino cutting together with the gelli plate.

All these next items were made using our texture/stamp/stencil prints from months 1-3 ... I've included lots of projects in the course, to use all the lovely materials we make

There's also a nice video looking at some of these here, if you fancy a watch

Month 4 we moved on to using masks, and created a gorgeous concertina book with our prints

and then some collages

What I love about the gelli is the multiple ways it can be used to create a huge variety of prints. One of these is using photo transfers on the gelli plate, which are magical, and they don't have to be just models' faces from magazines!! They can be your own images, manipulated in different ways on the plate to give you some exquisite, unique and highly personal prints. These two are from the same image - so much potential

Or what about these ones? Perfect for very personal work

How about repurposing your sketchbook pages and drawings with rubbings and transfers on the plate? I know - I’m posting a lot!! But I suspect a lot of people only skim the surface with what their gelli can do!!

Nature is amazing on the gelli plate: printed in layers, some prints then pulled in shimmering golds and silvers

Or leaf prints on fabric, which we then used to create a beautiful wall hanging

Or how about drawing and painting direct to the plate, then adding more colour and pulling beautiful art monoprints? They stand alone, or would be fantastic bases for stitch

Or grungy, funky, mid century tulips drawn and painted in layers then prints released with shimmering paints? Again - crying out for added stitch

Drawing on a gelli plate is less scary than drawing on white paper - plus you can put a little guide underneath if you want to!!

Many layers painted on the plate for this large one: based on a piece of mid century fabric

Combining photo transfers and painting on the gelli plate. It's such a versatile tool and can be used dozens of ways. from simple pattern making, to creating imagery and extending the use of many of our favourite art tools. But I think my favourites are the advanced techniques that allow you to produce fine art monoprints unlike any others. It takes it all to another level

All these images are from the online course videos, and there are many more. Its a big course and really will make you a master of your gelli plate. And this will be the last run of this course - so don’t miss out

Hope to see you there - link for joining if you fancy - Hilary xx

fruit printing on the plate!!

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